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ITRC Passive Sampling Technology Update Document for External Review (Comments due on or before April 2, 2024) 

02-14-2024 16:52

Thank you for participating in the External Review of a comprehensive guidance document prepared by the ITRC Passive Sampling Technology Update (PSU) Team! The review/comment period for this document starts Thursday, February 15th, and ends Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

The following documents are uploaded to this library: 

  1. ITRC Passive Sampling Technology Update Draft Work Product for External Review – PDF file containing instructions for review (provided upfront), followed by the narrative text, tables, and references in this comprehensive guidance document
  2. TRC Passive Sampling Technology Update Chemical Constituent and Characteristics Tables – excel file of the three tables included in the Grab, Equilibration, and Accumulation sections for easier review as they are hard to read in the Guidance.
  3. ITRC Passive Sampling Technology Update Case Studies External Review There are several case studies for each technology included in the Guidance that are available for review. The case studies are within a zip file and have been grouped by technology name (Snap Sampler, AGI, Dart, etc.). 
  4. ITRC Passive Sampling Technology Update External Review Comment Spreadsheet – Editable spreadsheet for capturing your comments electronically.

Please contact the Passive Sampling Program Advisor (Devin Seckar; with any questions, comments, concerns, or technical challenges when accessing or commenting on these documents.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Crystal Pirozek (

Mike Penzone (

Devin Seckar (

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